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Missionary Church of God in Christ

Cornell C.S. Wheeler, Senior Pastor / Teacher

1125 Allston Way, Berkeley Ca 94710

(510) 540-6713




This division is the “Pulse” of our ministry. Evangelism with Community outreach is our Mission and Purpose. This ministry fulfills the core instruction of the Gospel: Reaching out to the lost with love of God and the message of salvation! Our goal is to make disciples out of our members. This division includes: Mission (Park feeding & food distribution) S.W.A. T (Spreading the Word Across Town) evangelism teams that go into the streets of our city to minister the Gospel one-on-one to people in every walk of life. Transportation (Bus), Adult services, Recovery and Detox and Diversity Ministries. 


Orientation/New Member Class/Follow-up

Introduces members to our ministry, and focuses on the vision, and the history of the Missionary Church. Protocol, Adjutant and Deacon classes prepares leaders and ministers for service in ministry, teaching responsibility, commitment, accountability, and giving members the tools to be effective in ministry and defining the role of an Armor-bearer.


This division is the “Hub” for all caring & sharing activities. Fellowship strengthens and provides unity with our members. The following ministries are: Men’s, Women’s, Couples, Singles, and Y.W.C.C. (Young Women’s Christian Council).“Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”.


This division is the Arms, Eyes, Ears, & Legs of the Pastor and provides administrative support for the church as well as additional eight divisions at Missionary Church. Ministry Support is responsible for: Network Ministry, Public Relations, Graphics, Information Center, Sound-on-Sound, reception, and member services. All functions as to the planning and calendar functions go through Ministry support. 


This division houses the ministries responsible for every aspect of our church service. Making sure ministries flow and are effective. This division includes: Sanctuary preparation, Choirs, Ushers/Greeters, Pulpit Aid, Prayer & Alter, Flower Guild, The Arts, Praise and Worship.


This division houses the ministries for our children and youth. “A child saved, is a soul saved, plus a Life”. Reaching Young People equals Righteous Young People: Nursery, Youth, Children Church, and Youth activities.  Campus Ministries focus on reaching the youth at Berkeley High and UC Berkeley campuses.


This ministry houses all information as it pertains to various ministries, visitors, new members, and greeter information. This is the center hub for all important communiqués and information about Missionary, our events and activities, resource guides, maps, resource books, referrals, and networking sources.   


This is a united group of individuals committed to assisting the Pastor. Their love, encouragement and commitment as an Armor Bearer to the Pastor boost him, and gives him the backing he needs. 


This ministry is the intricate part of Ministry and our lives. We match our music with the ministry we reach. It impacts people’s lives with the Word of God through the presentation of Praise and Worship in music. All members of the music department are dedicated and trained to praise God through music and expression in drama & rapping. The children’s choir ages: 3-9, The youth Choir ages: 10-16, Inspirational Choir (Youth & Young Adult) Ages:17-up. Voices of Deliverance is inclusive of individuals recovering or who have recovered from Addictions. 


This division impacts the social and civic activities and welfare of Missionary Church and the community. We cater to the needs at hand, and we accomplish our mission by providing a holistic approach for ministry and secular. This includes: Community Affairs, Media Contact, Human Services, Local Government, & Economic Development. This includes Projects, presentations and representation for Missionary Church

Is to be prepared at all times. They watch and observe, discern the needs of the Pastor and congregation. Our nurses are there to respond to distress or urgent medical conditions if needed. The Nursing Ministry also assists in special times of need, which includes:  funerals, times of sickness including Home Care Aid.


This unique group of individuals who are the “Keepers of the House” from the front door to the pulpit. They carefully watch and observe, maintain order, and discern the needs of the pastor and congregation. The Greeters Ministry is a ministry of “Agape” or love.  Shaking someone’s hand or giving them a smile and a kind word indicates welcome, but when you add to that the true love of God, it can develop into more.  Greeting can change a person’s attitude, enable them to receive the Word of God in a more powerful and effective way. Compassion skills with a Godly attitude is a “must”. A greeter has the greatest opportunity to show & give the first impression of the Missionary Church!


To pursue the practice of includes a wonderful group of individuals who host and provide entertainment, plan & organize and prepare meals with love for our church, our guest and visitors. Included is the special touch of décor that enhances the occasion.


The Bible instructs us in Matt 28:19-20, to go and teach the world about Jesus. Not only are we to reach the children within the walls of the church, but our vision and God has commanded that we go into the highways and hedges and compel, go grab and get the children “outside” of the walls, and bring them in. The purpose of our ministry is to show and instill the love of Jesus Christ in every child we reach. Our mission is to impact our families, our communities, our world, and most importantly children.


Introduces members to our ministry, the vision, the Church of God In Christ Doctrine, the history of the Missionary Church, and also teaches the Principles of the Holy Bible. Protocol, Adjutant and Deacon classes prepares leaders and ministers for service in the ministry, teaching responsibility, commitment, accountability, and giving members the tools to be effective in ministry. Our ultimate goal is to disciple people to be “Faithful and Fruitful.”


This division responds to every aspect of Caring. The “Home Care” ministry specializes in being appointed and anointed to heal, comfort, recover, deliver compassion to all mankind. They are empowered to restore hope to the grieving, dying, loss, and follow-up’s, and correspondence which include cards, emails, love baskets, care gifts, flowers and monetary gestures. Benevolence attends to and assists with follow-up care for the grieving and hurting families. 



This ministry is responsible for the cleanliness, upkeep and maintenance of the church facilities. Being the keepers of “the House” and preserving what God has placed us Stewards of, is a great essence. Our goal is to make sure everyone who enters our doors will find an atmosphere of a well maintained and comfortable entice.